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Rich Internet Applications
Empowering web applications with rich user experience.

Internet is a platform for doing business efficiently and quickly. In this era of high competition, businesses have to deliver powerful feature-rich solutions that improve efficiencies and enhance the value to existing as well as new customers.

Rich internet Applications (RIAs) is the right step in that direction.

With a promise to augment interactivity, productivity, usability that is lacking in traditional web-deployed applications, RIAs have brought about a significant swing towards rich client model for enterprise application development and deployment in the recent years.

The crucial difference between RIAs and other Internet applications is the amount of interaction in the interface. With RIAs enterprise applications look, feel and behave like desktop applications, but are run over the web. Naturally, they provide greater opportunities to deliver user satisfaction.

RIAs enable a Richer User Experience

RIA’s provide benefits that are usually associated with desktop applications. Hence, when used appropriately they can provide users with a rich user experience.

Richer Feel

RIAs offer more potential to design better user experiences. RIAs user interfaces are not only better in terms of the looks but are also faster, engaging and usable.

Better Usability

RIAs provide for more versatile data presentations in comparison to traditional page based HTML technologies. For example, statistical data such as charts, graphs etc can be viewed in a graphical format making the information it easy and convenient for the users to understand it.

Greater Interactivity

RIAs enables implementation of user friendly interactive features that provide interaction directly within the page such as tool tips, front end validation for input fields, drag-and-drop, in-line editing, controls such as sort able tables & list, keyword suggestion, and other elements that mimic the experience of desktop applications.

Faster Responsiveness

Unlike traditional Web applications, which refresh the whole page, RIAs refresh only the part of the screen that has changed. Coupled with the ability to pre-fetch data, this not only gives the user a faster and better experience, but also minimizes the band-width usage.

Our team of IT professionals develops new web applications with the help of RIA which allows various processes like online shopping and registration to be simpler and user friendly. The technologies used at St. Albans Technologies to develop RIA are:

1. Adobe Flash
2. Adobe Flex

We offer an extensive and valuable experience to our clients around the globe with reliable, interactive and efficient Rich Internet Applications. The businesses that believe in keeping themselves at par with the expanding market need RIA for better and increased revenue production.

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